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The perfect solution to your breakfast dilemma. Govindjee’s Corn Flakes Khatta Meetha is a must have for a morning starting with taste as well as health. The elegance of khatta-meetha along with a nutrition-rich charisma, this item is your perfect breakfast buddy.

Composed of Corn Poha, it helps accomplish nearly 5% of potassium requirement of the body.
Helps control blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.
Helps in Weight Management.
Rich in Iron and Low in Calories.
A good source of healthy carbohydrates.

Cornflakes comes in the category of a good probiotic and is thus, very good for the gut. With a tinch of that khatta meetha taste and pro benefits, this item is definitely your breakfast buddy. Don’t let it go, grab this item exclusively on our website to ensure rich taste and premium quality. FEED YOU FAMILY THE BEST! with Govindjee.

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