The Govindjee Story

Jaipur, the business capital of Rajasthan is a land with rich agricultural produce and spices. It is also the soul of ‘Rajasthani’culture which is famous for its warm hospitality and delicious ethnic snacks and Namkeen.

Govindjee has successfully captured the soul of Rajasthani culture and the essence of Jaipur in the taste of the variety of their roasted namkeen and other roasted snacks. 

A pioneer that has established a tradition of delivering delectable Namkeens, Snacks & Bakery Products to the Indian market! Established in 1954, Govindjee has been a leading brand in the industry of palatable food items which makes one dive into the strict diet they are intended to follow. From tickling your sweet tooth to helping you keep up with that dreadful calorie count, we are here with our wide range of tangy tasty products which are healthy, and easily digestible, we are a brand that surely stands out from the rest and gives our customers 100% quality assurance.

Govindjee has a variety of crispy categories covering the taste of-

  • Roasted Namkeen with morning chai

  • Diet Mixture for mixed moods

  • Namkeen for the Guest room

  • Falahari Namkeen when you are fasting

  • Bakery range for your kids

  • Sattu and Daliya for night craving

  • Seeds and Dry Fruits while reading and learning.


We have something for all kinds of foody moods- sweet and salty, spicy and crispy with taste-

1. Govindjee also assures premium taste for healthy product categories like Sattu-Daliya, Seeds, and Dry Fruit. We strongly believe in our motto, “Taste and Health Go Together” and we make sure we stick to it.

2. We owe our specialization in roasted snacks since time immemorial and are thus able to deliver a quality that beats all others. Crispy and Heavenly, our roasted Namkeen is a must-try product as it ensures the true and rich roasted taste and the glamorous golden color making it quite irresistible.

3. With strong ethics, dynamism, and quality that propels our rapid growth, we constantly venture into new areas. The essence of our business is the same - a store drives to deliver high-quality products, on time & on the budget for the ones who love to dive in the taste of roast!

4. We are a group of crazy people wanting to spread happiness by creating fantastic foody vibes all over. We operate from the heart of snacks and Roasted Namkeen; unbound by the geographical location our team makes the best of food available at your doorstep.

If you happen to meet our team, you would find young minds with foodie souls. 

We aim to delight our customers by serving them with the exclusive regional savories, and the swing of roasts.

So what's stopping you help yourself from spreading fantastic vibes? 

Traditionally Govindjee and food products have been catering the true taste of Indian snacks to the world prepared in a highly hygienic, clean, and healthy environment. The recipes are truly authentic made from the best quality ingredients giving you a taste that will linger on in your mind for a long time.

The brand is maintaining the traditions of the group and is not famous only in Jaipur but in all the metro cities of the country for its taste and quality. We are not only to causing on taste but our top priority is quality which we get by using best quality.

For the diet-conscious people, for their craving for something mouth-watering,

-We offer diet mixtures which help our customers get a taste of both, tasty as well as healthy.

-Categories such as ‘Diet Mixtures’ and ‘Falahari Namkeen’ takes care of the health and taste.

-Along with these, we also have ‘Roasted Namkeen’ who along with being our specialty helps our customers avoid fried food and cater their tongue with Roasted and crunchy flavor.

-But since sometimes, the stomach wants what it wants; we also have categories like ‘Oh Sugar Patisserie’ and ‘Namkeen’ which will satisfy those cheat days and fulfill daily cravings.

With the mantra of Quality, Govindjee has combated sensitive market conditions and cut-throat competition and has always emerged as a leader. With the procurement of the best quality raw materials, quality processing& the commitment to customer satisfaction, our products have received an overwhelming response from customers across the globe. Over the years, our products have managed to win hearts across the big cities, with their power of ethnic snacking and with the power of roasting. Today, Govindjee stands for authentic cultural taste, with diverse products and innovative packaging, adding to its commitment to taking our tasty Indian taste to the plates on foodie people.

In a nutshell, Govindjee has something to offer for every occasion and mood, with the quality assured by and an affordable price range. Consumption of our products helps our customers revive energy from multi-nutritious whole grain and pulses. Cater your family with the best taste of "The Govindjee" products!



Quality is the major Quadruple and this is only possible with the quantity of consistency with their ‘quality. And the quality being our esteem pleasure, we managed to spread its wings in different regions covering the metro cities of India!

Today, driven by a promise to provide excellent quality and mouth-watering taste, Govindjee  owes its specialty since 1954, at that time when the technology to produce Namkeen on a large scale was outthought for what is called a brand today, Govindjee successfully laid the foundation of his dream venture. Not only, he ventured across India to find and co-invent the right technology for producing the brand Govindjee; but we also managed to find an easy-to-remember name for the brand, that would easily connect with the buyers. Now Govindjee has reached the soul of people with Roasted and Falahari Namkeen which helped us thrive for the winter specials that is rewari, gazak, etc. this is brought by the Indian Traditional essence of Hand Roasting which was only known for roadside sellers. This process showers “The True Roasted Flavor”, “The Crazy Crispiness” and “The Glamorous Golden Color” in our products. Today Govindjee is one of the distinguished and leading brand of Roasted Namkeen and snacks in India.

Our ingredients include our passion for food and the mission to give this world a tasty snack!

We try to offer a great combination of health and taste compiling together, which brings us close to 100% roasted not fried Namkeen, which is proved splendid for the body-conscious people.


Govindjee holds a great vision of expanding it to other spaces with the best quality, hygiene, connectivity. As the demand for our Namkeen raised manifold along with increased capacities, he incorporated modern methodologies of quality control and hygienic plant management.


The team with years of experience in this field directly handles the quality control department. The basic food materials come from branded places so that we can exert total control over product quality. The pulses, grains, and fruits are sourced from India's best markets on peak seasons, with define laid down specifications and desired storage conditions.


The foremost important element of our products has its unique way which ensures that all the savories packed, taste the same until it is catered to you with all heart and love. 


The mission includes implementing the best in technology, research, and development to spread our branches all over India. And make brand 'Govindjee' reach best domains. We aspire to attract and attain customer loyalty with high-value products and services which highly satisfy you with the experience of great flavors.

Snacking tradition has flourished in our culture and nothing is better than snacks with the riot of flavors. With decade-long experience in the preparation of snacks, Govindjee brings to you the unique taste and flavors from throughout India to make the snacking experience even better.

As prior importance is given to maintain quality standards we are a dedicated set of staff who works as a united team under the table guidance and control of the management where efficiency is well-reflected and undue care is taken to make sure that our services reach in time.


A handful of Roasted Namkeen to enhance the chai,

Crunchy Diet mixtures for the guests, to give a crisp goodbye!

Falahari delights that you look forward to while fasting,

Pasta Masala to leave an everlasting smile!

Aaloo chips Masala brings the joy of enjoying snacks,

Available to binge on, whenever you want to!