Rajbhog Ladoo


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Rajbhog Ladoo a ladoo made up of peanut mixed with jaggery, sugar, ghee and cardamom to add some flavour to make it more mesmerizing. This ladoo is crunchy and sweet with delicious taste. A ladoo which is nutritious and healthy with all the satisfying power for sweets.

Peanuts are rich in selenium, and jaggery is rich in magnesium and irons which improve fertility-related problems.
Peanut and Jaggery both are also effective in improving haemoglobin levels and protects against anaemia.
They are also rich in calcium that helps strengthen bones.
After consuming jaggery and groundnut together, cholesterol levels are in control and there are no diseases of the heart.

GovindJee's Rajbhog Ladoo are healthy and are great for health conscious people to not make them crave for anything while they are on a diet or they are just healthy people. A must owned box of sweetnes at just Rs. 260 for 600GM to 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST'.

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