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Quinoa is the seed of an edible plant. Quinoa is the super grain of the future. Quinoa has lots of benefits health wise. Quinoa all stands tall and proud because of its grainy counterparts. Quinoa Mix is made of Quinoa Flakes, Watermelon Seeds, Masoor Dal, Pumpkin Seeds, Salt, Spices and Refined Soybean Oil.

Rich in Protien
Boosts Good Cholesterol
Rich in Iron
Aids Tissue Growth

Quinoa Mix or Chenopodium Quinoa Mix is very healthy option to munch all day / at any time of the day. This mixture is rich in protein and when eaten makes all the protein diet a healthy body needs complete. With all the grainy counterparts GovindJee’s Quinoa Mix is quintessential on the table. So grab your share to ‘FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST’.

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