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A must share for the people who like to have both sweet and salt taste in their snack. With ingredients like gram, peanut, corn poha, puffed rice, wheat flakes with sugar, dry mango powder, black salt and some other ingredients. If you are craving for some sweet and sour flours this mixture is best for you.

Less fattening ingredients
High Amount of Carbohydrates
Satisfy the pre-dinner hunger cravings 
Boosts Digestive System


Khatta Meetha Mix is the flavoursome blend of sweet and salty that makes it satisfy the hunger cravings when you sip the tea. GovindJee’s Khatta Meetha is available so grab your share with and enjoy and satisfy all your cravings. The fact that this namkeen is not fried but roasted is what makes it better than many processed snacks, chips, etc. Moreover, it promotes guilt-free snacking as it has no cholesterol.

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