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Sadabahar Mix or Roasted Bhel Puri is a diet mixture with Puffed Rice, Peanut, Bajra, Gram, Wheat Chips, Edible Refined Soybean Oil, Iodized Salt, Chillies Powder, Black Salt, Citric Acid (330), Hing and Mixed Spices Powder & Condiments. This mixture gives a blend of sweet and salt with each and every bite you have.

No Sugar Contents
Less Fat
Rich in Carbohydrates
Helps in Weight Loss


Sadabahar Mix or Roasted Bhel Puri is a diet mixture. Sadabahar is a potent traditional remedy to increase the functioning of the brain. GovindJee’s Sadabahar Mix is the healthiest mixture and is perfect for tea time or you are in a munch mood. So grab your mixture to munch it with your family. ‘FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST’.

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