Amla Murabaa Whole


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People have fond memories of relishing amla murabba or the gooseberry preserve that has a sweet-tangy taste. Besides being a healthy option for those with a sweet tooth, amla murabba has numerous health benefits. The best time to consume amla is early morning, especially during winters when the temperature dips. It can be consumed as a raw drink, along with jaggery, murabba or in the form of dips and pickles. It is also a seasonal fruit during winters. 

Slows down ageing. 
Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C
Boosts immunity.
Relieves digestive troubles.
Reducing pre-mature greying

Amla also known as Aonla and Amlika, Amla’s quite popular in kitchens. Along the pickles, one will always see amla ka murabba on the table. One can consume it raw, in pickled form, as dried powder or as homemade sweet berry mixed with various ingredients that are extremely beneficial to health. GovindJee's Amla Murabba is the best and tasty with tangy flavour in an minimum pricing of Rs.160 per 1000 gm, so grab your share to FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST.

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