Muskmelon Seed Raw


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Don’t stop just after eating the fruit in muskmelon. Eat the seeds as well! The seeds can be added to your daily salad or use it as a topping for your sandwich. You could make the best use of these muskmelon seeds benefits and improve your health.

  • Enriched with Vitamins. 
  • Stronger Bones. 
  • Protection From Diabetes.
  • Healthier Heart. 
  • Fights Cold. 

Muskmelon Seeds contains about 3.6% protein which is equivalent to the protein that you get from soy. Consuming these seeds is really beneficial for your health. GovindJee's Muskmelon seeds are great for health and have a great shelf life. so grab your share at a minimum of Rs. 225 for 250 GM and 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST.'

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