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Bajra Khichdi is loaded with lots of health benefits. Bajra Khichdi or Pearl Millet Khichdi is primarily cultivated in Rajasthan due to its high tolerance to extreme climates. With its creamy consistency and mild flavours, is bot comforting and satiating and makes a lovely meal when served with curd or raita. 

Strengthen Bones
Prevents Cancer
Alleviates Asthma
Controls Anaemia

GovindJee’s Bajra Khichdi contains Bajra, Moong dal and Chaula dal which means it is fully packed with full nutrients.  Just to make it more delicious you can also add some spices and your favourite chopped vegetables. This sumptuous khichdi makes it worth it for the long and busy day. So grab your family’s share to ’FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST’.

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