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Have a determined mind to diet from the next day? Relax, we got you covered with Govindjee’s Diet Poha. The perfect solution for a snack when you are on your diet, this diet poha is all you need to satisfy a nutricious yet non-fatty craving.

As it helps control blood sugar levels, it is considered good for diabetic people.
A very healthy source of good carbohydrates which are essential to the body.
Helps in weight loss.
Good source of instant energy as it is rice-based.
Light and easy to digest, it acts as a good probiotic.

Rich flakes or Poha is considered to be India’s healthiest breakfast which is light yet nutritious. Possessing the goodness of Poha, this snack is a source of instant energy, compatible with our body on every level. Govindjee’s Diet Poha is a quintessential healthy snack which is a must have for every home out there. Grab your share at and FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST! with Govindjee.

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