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  • Salted Chana
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Salted Chana / Roasted Salted Chana


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Roasted chana, or roasted gram is a very popular street food in India. They are widely available and are loved by people of all ages. The crunchy chana with its salty taste is unique and absolutely delicious. Roasted chanas have a wide variety of nutritional benefits including a healthy dose of protein. They are also very useful when on a diet. These crunchy treats will help you manage your cravings as they have very limited calories. Even dieticians in India recommend taking them in limited quantities during weight loss. So try these out today with your evening tea and let this be the beginning of a ‘healthy’ habit. 

  • Authentic Indian Snack
  • Savoury
  • Healthy Snack 
  • Shelf life: 2-3 months