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  • Rajgira Lahi
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Amaranth Puff

Rajgira Lahi / Superfood Snack


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Rajgira is a traditional name for amaranth. A favourite snack for many, the rajgira is also known to contain high nutrition values. Lahi is prepared by popping the rajgira grains using traditional techniques. Govindjee’s Millet collection presents this rajgira lahi which would make many nostalgic. Prepared following the traditional methods the rajgira lahi from Govindjee is very tasty and crunchy. With high health benefits, the rajgira lahi is loved by many fitness enthusiasts. One can mix the rajgira lahi with other savoury or add spices to them to prepare a healthy, tasty, and crunchy snack! 

  • Made using traditional techniques 
  • Crunchy and delicious millet product 
  • Contains high nutrition value 
  • Shelf life: 2-3 months