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  • Potato Sali
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Potato Sali / Potato Sticks


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Who does not like potatoes and potato fries? For all those who are obsessed with french fries, Govindjee is introducing a traditional snack prepared from potatoes that can give french fries a tough competition. This crunchy and delicious potato sali will cause an explosion of vibrant flavours in your mouth and will make it extremely difficult to stop! A favourite of everyone from ages eight to eight, the potato sali is packed in such a way that it remains fresh and crunchy and has a long shelf life. The potato sali will make your evening tea or coffee drinking experience more flavoury and exciting. If you a looking for a new traditional and tasty experience then Govindjee’s potato sali is something you must try immediately. 

  • Crunchy and delicious potato fries 

  • Freshly packed for a long shelf life

  • Traditional recipe 

  • Shelf life: 2-3 months