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Granola is usually considered a healthy breakfast cereal. It's a toasted mixture of rolled oats, nuts, and a sweetener like sugar or honey, though it can also include other grains, puffed rice, dried fruit, seeds, spices, and nut butters. Granola tends to be made from whole oats, some nuts or seeds and dried fruit. ... But often, ingredients like oats and nuts are bound together by a sticky sweetener,  which can increase granola's sugar content.
  • Weight Loss
  • Contain antioxidants
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Decreases Cholesterol Levels
  • Boosts Gut Health
  • Reduces High Blood Sugar
Crunchy, sweet, and satisfying, granola is a popular breakfast topping or daily snack. It tastes good  and it’s good for you. There are plenty of ways to enjoy it. Sprinkle a little on top of yogurt or ice cream, mix it with milk, or add hot water for a nourishing meal that will warm you up on a cold day. GovindJee's Granola is perfect for breakfast at a minimum of Rs. 250 for 200 GM. So grab your breakfast and also do 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST".
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