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Ajwain Cookies or Carom Seeds Cookies which have ingredients like butter, sugar, salt, maida and carom seeds. These seeds are great for digestion. A must on a table as it both tasty and healthy. Its crunchiness along with the ajwain flavour which is little sweet and salty. The seeds have a spicy and pungent flavor, somewhat like oregano.

Rich in Calcium
Good Source of Energy
Rich in Protein and Fibre
Rich in Vitamin C
Helps in Digestion

These scrumptious cookies help stimulate the appetite and enhance digestion. Rich in Ajwain, these cookies help alleviate gas and discomfort in the stomach. GovindJee’s Ajwain Cookies are great for the people who have constipation and for the craving of cookies.Pair them with morning tea or nosh to your heart’s content at peak hunger pang times. It is a great snack for kids.

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