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Govindjee’s Magaz Mansoor Mix is just another addition to the wide range of namkeens. Crunchy and flavorsome, it is another item that ought to be given a shot. Mansoor is known for its health benefits and this item is no different, it ensures taste with health.

Magaz seeds has a wholesome of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats and proteins.
Highly rich in B – Vitamins. 
Mansoor helps stabilize blood sugar level.
Effective option for weight loss. 
Nourishes teeth, bones and has anti-ageing properties. 

Govindjee’s Magaz Mansoor Mix is here with its loaded health as well as taste benefits. Masoor is known as the “Powehouse of Nutrients” and this namkeen is no exception. So go, grab your pack at just Rs. 60 for 200 grams. 

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