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 Chawli or cowpeas also known as black eyed peas is a specific type of bean having a little oval structure with a black eye on it. It can be of various species such as black, brown, red ,creamy white, etc. Chawli is great in taste as well as nutrition. 

Promotes Weight Loss. Rich in protein and soluble fibre, regular addition of chawli in your meal plan is the best way to shed excess kilos. 
Augments Heart Health. 
Manages Diabetes. 
Improves Digestive health.

GovindJee's Red Chawli or Ramas Lal is nutritious and healthy with a minimum of Rs.90 per 500 gm to 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST'. Ramas Lal has lot of health benefits such as high in protien , fiber etc.

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