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Ramas or Cowpea is an oval-shaped bean, pale in colour and has a distinct large black, brown or red spot that looks like an eye. Possessing a strong nutty, earthy flavour and rich creamy taste, it is used to make classic lobia chawal in Punjabi households and also served as gravies, soup and salad. The plethora of nutrients present in cowpeas are vital for the normal functioning of the body and may uplift overall well-being.

Augments Heart Health
Promotes Weight Loss
Combats Infections
Enhances Skin Health
Manages Diabetes

GovindJee's Cowpeas/Ramas are packed with essential nutrients which offer a wallop of health benefits such as support weight loss, promotes digestive health, regulate diabetes and optimise cardiac wellness. They are also versatile, flavourful and tasty that can be easily added into a spectrum of dishes as part of a wholesome diet. 

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