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Malka masoor dal or Red split lentils have a pretty reddish-orange color in its dried form, but they turn yellow when cooked. Masoor lentils are basically the split lentils without skin.
Red split lentils cook relatively quickly. After cooking Malka ki dal seems similar to yellow Moong dal but they are very different in flavor and texture. Malka masoor dal is a very simple dal, onions, tomatoes and green chilies tadka gives a wonderful flavour.
Rich in cholesterol-lowering fibre.
High protein content with essential amino acids like isoleucine and lysine.
Good source of potassium and antioxidants.
Calcium and magnesium content help in strengthening of bones and teeth.
Folate and vitamin B helps in neutralising inflammation.

Malka masoor dal or Red split lentils are orange-reddish colour with lots of nutrients. GovindJee's Malka masoor dal is available online at a minimum price of just Rs.80 for 500 gm. So grab your online pack of the grocery to 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST'. 

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