Ilachi Rewari


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Elachi Rewari a sweet delicacy made up of sesame seeds mixed with sugar and ghee, to add some flavour cardamom is mixed too. This type of gajak is different and has small bite like peices. This crunchy/crispy gajak is perfect to have any time like in office, at home with tea etc. Elachi Rewari is a delicacy consumed most in haryana and is of mughal times.

Rich aroma
Special flavour
Low Fats
Rich in Carbohydrates
Gluten Free

Difficulty finding a snack to eat at office or somewhere else? GovindJee's Elachi Rewari is perfect for the ones who want a muching snack near them wherever they sit. This crispy and delicious gajak must have a share on the table. So grab your share at a minimum of Rs.100 for 250 GM to 'FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST'.

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