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Sabudana Wafers or Sago Wafers is made up of sabudana with edible refined groundnut oil and sendha namak. Ready to eat on the day of  fast. These Wafers are mostly deep fried and served as a main accompaniment in the meals. The other ways of eating this wafer is by rolling in it in balls or as pancake. 

No Sugar
Less fat
High Carbohydrates
Low Calories


Sabudana Wafers also known as Sago wafers is very crispy, very thin, flat cake made up of sago flour. The dried sago wafers are then fried in oil and consumed as in meal or snacks. GovindJee’s Sabudana Wafers are crispy and crunchy held at any time of the day. So grab your share and ‘FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST’.

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