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As per the name suggests the mixture is salty and crunchy with Wheat Poha, Murmura, Corn Poha, Sago Wafers, Bajra, Papad, Jawar, Potato, Gram,  Soybean, Edible Refined Groundnut Oil, Iodized Salt and Black Salt. With so many ingredients this mixture is perfect for snack or chaat purpose.

No Sugar
Less Fat
High in Carbohydrates
High in Fibre


Salted Mix is high in carbohydrates because of the sago wafers and also no sugar content makes it healthier for the people who suffer with health issues. GovindJee’s Salted Mix is must for the health conscious people. Its minimal price is RS.40 which is pocket friendly, again a benefit so grab yours and ‘FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST’.

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