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GovindJee's Hing Peda is highly beneficial for the digestive system. The Asafoetida or Asafetida peda is made from very high quality hing and other rich herbs and spices. Pachak hing (Asafoetida or Asafetida) peda stimulates the digestive enzymes and acts as an appetizer. It strenghtens the digestive process and also promotes absorption of nutrients.

It treats abdominal discomfort or distension due to indigestion
A good remedy for gastric distresses
Treat Migraines
Cures Diabetes
Protects High Cholesterol
Helps lower blood pressure

Hing has a bitter taste, but with the combination of gulkand it has a nice sweet taste. The Hing peda is prepared and packaged in very hygiene condition. GovindJee's hing (Asafoetida or Asafetida) peda is very delicious and healthy. Hing is powerful anti-oxidant and protects the body cells from free radicals. GovindJee's Hing Peda is tasty and delicious with a minimum of Rs. 65 for 200 gm so grab your share to FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST.

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