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Gulab Supari is an aromatic and flavourful supari that has several culinary as well as medicinal uses. GovindJee's Gulab Suapri is sweet and delicious. Gulab Supari is great foreye sight and ingredients include gulabnuts, peppermint, red paper elaichi etc.

A Breath Freshener
Is Antimicrobial
Antioxidant Properties
Cures Stomach ache

Its unique taste and natural ingredients with digestive properties keep your stomach happy. Gulab Supari will sweeten and refresh your breath after a meal and especially get rid of bad breath after an odorous meal. Gulab Supari not only keeps the mouth refreshingly fresh but also aids in digestion and keeps indigestion at bay. GovindJee’s Gulab Supari makes a sweet tooth at a minimum price of Rs.80 per 100 Gm so FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST.

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