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Mustered with the perfect blend of dried pomegranate seeds, organic herbs and spices. The GovindJee's Anardana Goli is an all flavorsome digestive that helps you to regain your appetite, solve indigestion and cure many other disorders, by improving bowel movement and reducing nutrition loss.

Aids Digestion
Eases Bowel Movement. 
Mouth Freshener. 
Boosts Immune.

Anardana or pomegranate is rich in vitamin C and K, fibers and minerals. Abundant in fiber the pachak helps to treat many stomach disorders. It promotes good bowel movement and prevents nutrition loss. Anardana is highly beneficial in the cure of acidity, gas and indigestion. GovindJee's Anardana Goli is best to have it after food for digestion with some tangy flavour at a minimu of Rs.65 for 200gm to FEED YOUR FAMILY THE BEST.

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