singhara atta


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Singhara also known as water chestnut, is a fruit that grows underwater. This fruit is extremely low in calories but gives you a good source of energy. Singhara atta is gluten free and its usage is versatile and multipurpose. It's a nutrition big bang on your plate.

Rich in potassium 
Low in sodium
Good carbohydrate
Acts as a coolant
Treats urine infection

GovindJee's Singhara Atta another vrat special ingredient that finds its coveted place in the all-time vrat favourites is singhara atta. It is usually a winter fruit; however, its by-products - especially the flour - are available round the year. GovindJee's Special Singhara Atta has lots of nutrients and available with high quality at a affordable price of Rs.80 for 250 GM.

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