salted peanut


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We are very well aware of the benefits of eating salted peanuts. We at Govindjee have the best-packed salted peanuts in India. These peanuts are very tangy. It is prepared by deep-frying the peanuts and then coating them with salt. It is a delicious snack in itself.


  • Good source of protein
  • Rich in healthy fats
  • Provides vitamin E to the body


Salted peanuts are a seasonal snack item as it is available mainly in winters. It is because it keeps the body warm from the inside which is very good in winters. Our Salted Peanuts are ready to eat as soon as you get the pack. You can also avail the benefits of peanuts with us. We charge barely Rs. 120 for 500 grams of salted peanuts. Get yours now!


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