organic desi khand


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Organic desi khand is a raw form of sugar which is traditionally made in India. It is very healthy as well as natural. It provides necessary vitamins and fibres. Besides having a sweet taste, it also has a sweet aroma. It is light brown in color and tastes like honey. Consuming organic desi khand provides a lot of energy and helps in maintaining the body's stamina.


  • Increases stamina of the body
  • Rich in natural nutrients
  • Boots immunity system
  • Helps in preventing diabetes
  • Helps in fighting obesity
  • Increases the hemoglobin in the blood


Organic desi khand is extremely delicious and completely organic. It is full of nutrients and minerals. It is better than refined sugar which is chemically processed and dangerous for health. Regular sugar contains too much fat and increases cholesterol levels. It helps in enhancing the taste of food. It has no side effects on consumption. It also helps in instantly repairing muscle and has other health benefits also. Try Govindjee’s organic desi khand which is reasonably priced at Rs.76 for 500gms.


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