Gur Dali


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We at Govindjee have the best quality Gur Dali in stock. It is made up of sugarcane juice and has a natural sweetness in it. We do not process us with chemicals. It is made naturally. It has many health benefits, which make it better to have. Gur Dali comes in small pieces, which makes it easy to consume.


  • Cleanses the body
  • Boosts intestinal health
  • Cool the stomach
  • Controls blood pressure


Gur has been given a special spot in Ayurveda in India. All the people in India prefer to have a gur after a meal to improve digestion. Gur results in a better quality of sleep at night. Gur is a staple sweet as it is consumed by people of every age group. If you are also searching for good quality gur, then connect to us. We will serve you with the best!


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