Chatpata Khakhra


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Chatpata Khakra is one of the most eaten snacks in India. Everybody wants to have light snacks often instead of heavy snacks. We at Govindjee have Khakra with the best taste and quality. Chatpata Khakra is made up of whole wheat and has many flavors. Just take a nice cup of tea and enjoy this light snack with it.

  • Good source of energy
  • Light for your body
  • It keeps the heart healthy as it is baked


Chatpata Khakras are very light in weight which makes them easy to digest. They are well-cooked, spiced, crunchy snacks that give them a good taste. It can be enjoyed with any dish or hot drink you like. If you also want it, then connect with us. We provide these Khakra at only Rs. 90 for 200 grams. Grab yours now!


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